Here is some proof and some more interesting facts about moving that you may not have known. If you’re looking for some guidance with your move StraightLine Moving can help and we are always happy to provide some useful insight if you’re just looking to get answers for your questions.

Facts About Moving

  • Moving is the third most stressful event in life, right up there with the death of a loved one and divorce.
  • Every year in the United States, 1/3 of all renters move.
  • About 40 million Americans move every year. That’s more people than the entire population of our largest state, California!
  • The average American moves 11.3 times in a lifetime. That’s once every six years!
  • 50% of all US relocations occur during one-third of the year – between the beginning of May and Labor Day (the first Monday of September).
  • Around: 40% of all moves in the US are job-related; 42% are personal moves; 18% are military or government relocations.
  • Moving locally with a moving company may cost you less than hiring a moving truck and moving yourself because they will cover the labor, packing, the truck, transportation, gas, toll expenses, insurance – pretty much everything.
  • The largest reason people choose their new neighborhood is by convenience to their job.
  • Close to 62 percent of the people in the United States currently live in the state they were born in.
  • Florida has the lowest percentage of people born in the state who now live there.

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