Loves Park is an Illinois gem with a long history and natural beauty to boot. It’s also a great region to move to, with the population steadily growing in the last decade. But with any Illinois city, you’ll notice that moving between the towns and rural regions can be a little tricky.

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There are two options for moving. Either hire a professional moving company or move by yourself. Many choose the latter option because they believe DIY-ing the move will be more affordable.

Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Unless you have a massive truck, you’ll still have to hire transportation or make multiple trips between your old and new destination.

You’ll also have to hire day labor (which can be spotty and untrustworthy), or you’ll have to enlist the help of friends and family. In both cases, they could do more harm than good and cost you hundreds of dollars in damages.

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Loves Park is a small to a mid-sized city in Illinois. It is most famous for its various parks and recreational activities. Some of the most popular are Rock Cut State Park and Volcano Falls Adventure Park. It’s made Loves Park a favorite amongst young singles and young families.