Piano Moving Services in Roscoe, IL, Beloit, WI & surrounding areas

Piano moving is a delicate task and involves a lot of coordination to avoid damage. It can become an expensive mistake if you're trying to tackle it on your own or do not have the proper equipment or experience. Our team of movers have all of the equipment and are professionally trained to handle and transport pianos with utmost care.

Is your piano moving up or downstairs?

That is not a problem for StraightLine Moving Inc. Many moving companies shy away from transporting a piano if stairs are involved but not us. We have perfected our technique through experience and have safely moved many pianos without incident.

Moving a piano can be dangerous and mistakes are expensive. That is why our team is professionally trained at our facility on our test piano before ever touching a customers property. Choose the guys that will get done right. If you have any questions about our service then give us a call. We are happy to walk you through the process (815) 708-7875

piano movers beloit wi

We Have Experience Moving Many Types of Pianos Including...

  • Clavinova
  • Spinet
  • Upright Piano
  • Player Piano
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • 6 Foot Grand Piano
  • 9 Foot Grand Piano
  • Square Grand Piano
  • Upright Grand Piano
  • Concert Grand Piano

It pays to have the right people when dealing with something as delicate as a piano. If you have any questions regarding our safety practices or coverage options please don't hesitate to call us at (815) 708-7875