Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

A Successful Move Starts With Preparation

Here is a moving checklist and how to prepare leading up to your big move. If you have any question feel free to call StraightLine Moving Inc. and we would be happy to assist you. Note: You are welcome to print this moving checklist to use while not on your computer or smart phone.

We also offer packing services to help make your move go smoothly. This is a great option if you just don't have the time or you would like assistance with preparing for your move.

Getting Started

One Month Before Your Move

  • Contacting your moving company is the first item to cross off the checklist. Set a date and time for the relocation so they can prepare packing materials, additional equipment, and determine the size of team needed to best suit your move.
  • Moving not only means your belongings, it also means moving your services. Be sure to contact your utility providers, Insurance agencies, any memberships you may have, and if you are transferring school districts to arrange records transfer for your children. Also, get change of address forms from your local post office or change your address online at USPS.com/move.
  • Have a garage sale or donate any unwanted things that you don't want to transport to charity

Get Packing

A Couple Weeks Before Your Move

  • Packing your belongings can be a rigorous task. Pack large bulky items separately or on the bottom of your boxes. Be sure to wrap fragile objects well, to avoid any items being broken in transport. Make sure to label items descriptively, this will take longer in the front end of things but will save you time when you are settling in and unpacking. It will also help your movers locate where to place your belongings as they are brought in. Straightline Moving Inc. also offers packing services to prepare for your move.
  • Closet items and clothing articles are tough articles to move efficiently. Box up any non hanging articles or place in a hamper that will keep them from spilling out in transport. Hanging articles can be contained in a large garbage bag with a hole in the top for the hangers to be exposed. Fold the bottom of the bag over and secure with a couple pieces of tape. This will keep your clothing clean and still in hanging order when your ready to fill the new closet.

Double Check and Prepare

Just Before Your Move

  • As your move draws closer, be sure to set aside necessity items you don't want to have packed up for any period of time. Having a suitcase with a couple changes of clothes will come in handy. Keep your cleaning supplies accessible to clean as you go during the move and after the house is empty
  • Unhook any major appliances if they are being brought to the new location. Empty any refrigerator and freezer items the morning of the move and place in a cooler on ice. Washing machines you will want to empty any standing water that may leak out during transport that may damage your other belongings.
  • If you have pets then don't forget to set aside pet food and water for them. A couple bottles of water and Ziploc bags come in handy for this.
  • Be sure to check your attic, garage and all drawers for any overlooked articles that may have been stored or forgotten in the packing process.