full service packing beloit wi

Moving Boxes

Packing Supplies Guide

Our moving boxes and supplies are a convenient and safe way to transport all your important possessions without fear of damage.

We will be happy to give you a full refund for any boxes that you don't use, so there is no need to worry about purchasing too many boxes.

We also offer free delivery within 20 miles for any orders exceeding $50. Call us today, and make sure to ask about our different package options that we have tailored for your convenience.

full service packing beloit wi

Standard Moving Boxes

  • Small Moving Box(1.5 cu.ft) - Great for packing smaller and heavier items like books, candles, or tools
  • Medium Moving Box (3.0 cu.ft) - Used for packing medium sized items, such as kitchen items or kids toys
  • Large Moving Box (4.5 cu.ft) - Good for lighter items such as lamp shades or pillows. Keep in mind, you don't want to make the box to heavy to carry
  • Extra Large Moving Box (6.12 cu.ft) - Great for linens, towels, or bulky items
  • Dish Pack - Protects your dishes and glassware during transport or storage
  • Mirror Box - Works great for protecting mirrors and art work up to 36" x 42"
  • Wardrobe Boxes (24" x 21" x 48") - Keep your cloths wrinkle free and organized. Using a wardrobe box also makes packing and unpacking much faster and easier. StraightLine will also rent wardrobe boxes to ease the cost if you so choose.

Packing Supplies

  • Mattress Bags (King/Queen/Twin) - Protect your mattress from dust and moisture
  • Bubble Wrap - best protection for fragile items to prevent damage
  • Packing Paper - another option to wrap fragile items like glassware
  • Carpet Shield - Protects carpet flooring during the move. (Complimentary)
  • Stretch Wrap - Used for many things like holding drawers shut or holding pads in place. (Complimentary)
  • Tape - To tape boxes shut and for many other uses

Wardrobe Rentals

StraightLine Moving Inc. also offers wardrobe rentals available upon request. During the day of your move, we will bring wardrobe boxes for you to use. Wardrobe boxes are assembled at your home for you to put your hanging clothes into. We will then transport them to your new home. Simply hang the clothes back into your closet and you're done!

Making Moving Even Easier!

Packing Services

We can make your move even easier with our full service packing. Our team is professionally trained to pack your items with the utmost care, greatly reducing risk to your valuables. All moving boxes and packing materials are provided by us and are included in the cost of our service.